Roll-out of Speedboat® UltraSlim reaches Asia Pacific

The phased market release of our latest device, Speedboat UltraSlim, continues with first use in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region

Dr Chu and Dr Yip with Creo staff after completing the first Speedboat UltraSlim cases in APAC

Speedboat UltraSlim was used at the Prince of Wales Hospital Hong Kong in late January, where Dr. Hon Chi Yip and Dr. Simon Chu performed several procedures to treat precancerous lesions in the colon and stomach.

Since December 2023 Speedboat UltraSlim has been successfully used in multiple clinical applications and in multiple jurisdictions: the UK, USA, LATAM and now APAC, as well as expanding indications treating different disease states and conditions. The device has been used to treat precancerous lesions in the colon, oesophagus and stomach as well as during procedures to surgically correct gastric and oesophageal abnormalities to help patients with swallowing and acid reflux disorders. In all cases these procedures help move patients from operating theatre procedures to endoscopic procedures with the inherent reduced impact on the patient and associated costs.

Dr. Hon Chi Yip, Assistant Professor at the Division of Upper Gastrointestinal and Metabolic Surgery, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong said:

"The new Speedboat® UltraSlim allows for use with a broader range of endoscopes, providing better access and handling. The performance of the advanced energy has increased the efficiency of the procedure."

Craig Gulliford, Chief Executive Officer of Creo Medical, said:

"We're very pleased that Speedboat® UltraSlim has now reached the Asia Pacific region, representing tremendous progress with the phased initial market release in a short period of time. The team have done a terrific job with the regional regulatory steps necessary to enable this limited market release programme and we are excited to extend the roll-out to reach all of our customers in the coming months.
APAC represents the fourth continent where the device has now been used in clinic and along with Dr. Hon Chi Yip and Dr. Simon Chu, we have had fantastic feedback from all customers who have so far had access to the new technology."

Posted 01/31/24

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