Kamaptive Partnerships

Creo’s Kamaptive Licensing Programme sees the company partner with selected industry leaders in adjacent, growing markets. Kamaptive Technology combines adaptive bipolar radiofrequency and super high-frequency microwave energy to dynamically adapt to patient tissue during procedures such as resection, dissection, coagulation and ablation. Powering Creo's CROMA platform, it provides clinicians with increased flexibility, precision and controlled surgical solutions.

Kamaptive technology’s architecture allows multiple Creo development teams to design, test and build innovative devices independently, whilst functioning with the CROMA platform without complex software changes or menu options for users.

Kamaptive’s full spectrum adaptive technology allows for partnership opportunities in new and innovative fields from robotics to laparoscopy. Kamaptive Technology intuitively adapts to the specific tool in use, self provisioning and intelligently enhancing the settings of the CROMA platform for the purpose of the device being used.

Creo technology is being adapted for use with robotic-assisted surgical platforms

The Programme allows Creo to explore the potential of our technology - introducing it to markets where it does not currently exist, and where it would be resource-intensive to do so alone.

By working with industry leaders on the development, optimisation or customisation of technology in relation to their needs and that of their industry, the Kamaptive Licensing Programme means our technology has the potential to reach thousands more patients worldwide.

Current Kamaptive Partnerships

Intuitive Surgical 

  • Multi-year collaboration agreement with Intuitive - a global technology leader in minimally invasive care and the pioneer of robotic-assisted surgery.
  • Agreement will see optimisation of certain Creo products to be compatible with Intuitive’s state of the art robotic technology.
  • Agreement also provides a framework to allow joint clinical studies to be undertaken and includes a number of milestone payments to be made to Creo.

CMR Surgical

  • CMR’s next-generation surgical robot, Versius®, is a significant new entrant into the robotic surgery space, performing laparoscopic procedures worldwide across a range of specialties.
  • A non-exclusive Intellectual Property Licence and Royalty Agreement has been made to integrate certain aspects of Creo’s technology with Versius®.

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