Kamaptive Technology

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Creo Medical is transforming lives through the development and delivery of minimally invasive devices, by bringing Advanced Energy to the emerging field of therapeutic endoscopy. We are empowering hospitals and healthcare professionals to transform the future practice of therapeutic endoscopy and provide patients with an optimised and efficient patient pathway

What is Kamaptive Technology?

Kamaptive is Creo Medical’s proprietary intelligent energy technology, found at the heart of all Kamaptive-enabled advanced energy platforms and devices.

  • Full-spectrum adaptive technology​
  • Seamless intuitive integration​
  • Adapts to tissue environment​
  • Self provisioning "plug & play" technology
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Introduction to Electrosurgery

Introduction to Electrosurgery

Kamaptive Devices

CROMA Platform

Our patented Kamaptive™ Technology combines the benefits of adaptive bipolar radiofrequency (RF) and super high-frequency microwave energy in the CROMA Advanced Energy platform, powering a suite of multi-modal devices to optimise treatments for patients and physicians.

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Speedboat™ Inject

Speedboat™ Inject is the first Advanced Energy multi-modal instrument designed for flexible endoscopy that can deliver both advanced bipolar RF and microwave energy from a single device.

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MicroBlate™ Fine

Our smallest flexible tissue microwave ablation device.

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SpydrBlade™ Technology

Surgical device combining Speedboat™ blade and precise MW coagulation in a unique multi-modal jaw design

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