The Creo Story

Founded in 2003 by Professor Chris Hancock under the name MicroOncology Ltd, Creo Medical initially focused on utilising high-frequency microwave energy and dynamic matching techniques for cancer treatment. Over time, the company's strategic vision expanded to encompass the development of medical devices with broader applications, leading to a rebranding as Creo Medical in 2010.

This evolution included the expansion of the team to incorporate expertise in the design, manufacture, production, and commercialisation of electrosurgical medical devices. In 2012, Craig Gulliford assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer, bringing with him a wealth of experience in building international businesses from their early stages to significant scales. Craig's leadership played a pivotal role in furthering Creo's evolution and strengthening its position in the industry.

As a result of these strategic initiatives, Creo Medical successfully brought to market the CROMA Advanced Energy platform. This innovative platform is powered by Kamaptive Technology and includes a comprehensive suite of multi and single modality devices, showcasing Creo's commitment to advancing medical technology.

An interview with our founder, Chris Hancock

Chris, the founder of Creo Medical, gives insight into what inspired his advanced energy concept for the field of therapeutic endoscopy and the science behind it.

Our Journey


June 2003 - MicroOncology is founded

MicroOncology is founded by Professor Chris Hancock with a vision of improving patient outcomes across indications by bringing advanced energy to therapeutic endoscopy.


MicroOncology rebrands as Creo Medical Group and the company’s focus shifts to bringing advanced energy medical devices to market.


Craig Gulliford is appointed CEO of Creo Medical Group.


Creo Medical is listed on the London Stock Exchange.


Creo Medical Moves into Chepstow HQ.

First patient treated with Speedboat Inject.

CE Mark clearance gained for Speedboat Inject and the CROMA Advanced Energy Platform.


£48.5M raised through share placings to accelerate commercialisation.

First use of Speedboat Inject in mainland Europe and South Africa.


£51.9m raised through share placings to accelerate US programme and progress research and development.

First use of Speedboat Inject in the US and India, with first commercial orders received.


MicroBlate Fine’s first in-human use.

Acquisition of Albyn Medical S.L, Boucart Medical and Endotechnik, providing Creo with established European distribution network and wider portfolio of products.

CE Mark clearance achieved for five new devices, with FDA clearance also gained for SlypSeal Flex and Microblate Fine.


US FDA clearance for MicroBlate Flex.

Opening of US HQ in Danbury.

Creo aquires Aber Electronics Limited – enhancing additional expertise to Creo and a key element of supply chain.


Launch international Pioneer Clinical Education Programme.

Long term collaboration announced with Intuitive, with heads of terms announced to grant further third-party access to Creo’s advanced energy technology.

Creo Medical opens APAC regional hub in Singapore.


First European Speedboat® UltraSlim procedure marks early commercial launch.

Creo Medical in Numbers













*As at 30 June 2023

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes by applying Advanced Energy to the emerging field of surgical endoscopy.


Collaboration makes being disruptive positive, beneficial and effective.

Collaboration with our colleagues and business partners enables us to turn our creative ideas and inventions into real innovations.


Our diverse team means that we create original and therefore more effective approaches to medical device challenges.

This approach is born from being inquisitive, always learning, and being passionate about turning ideas into reality


Our aim is for medical devices to be simpler and safer to enable better patient outcomes that are less invasive.

Our innovations and the clinicians who use them change lives for the better.

We have an uncompromising adherence to ethical excellence.


We believe that our ‘can-do’ approach, the energy to take action and our hunger for solutions mean that we can succeed in our goals.

We face challenges with the courage that comes from a personal belief in not only what we are doing, but why we are doing it and what it means for the wider world.


We challenge assumptions and the status quo.

Our goals are to deliver life-changing outcomes and be at the forefront of a paradigm shift in the medical device market

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