Making a Difference

Creo Medical is paving the way in therapeutic endoscopy

Improving patient outcomes is at the heart of everything we do. Our Advanced Energy technology benefits patients, saves hospital resources and costs, and provides clinicians with increased flexibility precision and controlled surgical solutions.

To achieve our mission of transforming patients’ lives, we have set our sights on addressing the patient treatment pathway, investing in the development of our devices, and collaborating with leading healthcare providers and physicians from around the globe.

Patient impact

Our innovations have helped healthcare professionals enhance the lives of more than 1500 patients worldwide to date. Learn more about our Advanced Energy innovations that are being used to enhance therapeutic endoscopic treatment pathway.

Patient Case Story

Retired maths teacher Chris Grayling only visited his GP at his wife's insistence. Tests revealed an 11cm growth in his bowel. Chris was successfully treated at East Kent Hospital University Foundation Trust with our device Speedboat Inject and is one of well over a thousand patients all over the world to have already felt the benefits of Creo's Advanced Energy technology.

Improving patient pathways with SSD

We partner with healthcare providers across the globe to support the shift in patient pathways away from surgical intervention towards therapeutic endoscopy, by facilitating the implementation of Speedboat Submucosal Dissection (SSD).

Beating Bowel Cancer Together

We partner with and support Bowel Cancer UK (BCUK) charity on initiatives and events throughout the year. BCUK provide expert information and support for everyone affected by bowel cancer and are here for you at every step. BCUK also educate the public and professionals about the disease. They run training, workshops and study days for healthcare professionals and have a dedicated team of volunteers who give free awareness talks across the UK.

Reaching More Patients

Our Kamaptive Licensing programme has continued to receive considerable interest in its technology. Potential parallel applications provide opportunities for growth, enabling us to leverage our significant IP portfolio and ensure our technology is used to treat as many patients as possible, across various indications in the future.

As a medical device company, we are driving the development of additional Advanced Energy devices to broaden new indications and treatment options not just in the bowel or colon but also, in the liver and lungs.