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We are dedicated to improving patient outcomes by applying Advanced Energy to the emerging field of surgical endoscopy through offering innovative devices, a clinical education programme that is second to none, supported by a suite of endoscopic consumable products that offer both great value and quality. If you are a healthcare professional looking for further information on how you can work with us, please get in touch.

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Advancing Patient Care as Partners

We understand the importance of providing enhanced, cost-effective care for patients in your trust, clinic, or hospital, which is why we partner with you to provide innovative technologies that help you make a difference in the lives of your patients. Powered by our unique Kamaptive Technology, our Advanced Energy devices are designed to help you save on costs and resources, and provide increased safety, flexibility, and precision, to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients.

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A Complete Suite of Products

We provide a complete suite of solutions for healthcare professionals and hospitals targeting critical procedures in the field of therapeutic endoscopy for Gastroenterology, Urology, Pulmonology and Surgery. Our one-stop shop provides a complete product solution for everyday endoscopic procedures, designed to support our Advanced Energy devices and offer you value-based savings.

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“To be able to sit the device on the muscle bed, and safely and securely coagulate vessels and tissue without causing injury or tissue damage was the wow factor as to why I want to use this product”

Dr. Eduardo Albeniz
Endoscopy Unit at Complejo Hospitalario de Navarra

“Even though I have been using monopolar energy for many years I am still worried about getting close to the muscle bed for obvious reasons, but with this device I no longer have that concern. The safety profile and localised delivery gives me the confidence to get closer to the muscle bed for a deeper dissection”

Dr. Regi George
Royal Oldham Hospital

“We have been really pleased with the results for both our patients and our service. With the development of this service we are now able to offer patients treatment closer to home. ”

Lisa Neal
Programme Manager, East Kent Hospitals University Trust

“This platform is a leap in the advancement of colonic submucosal dissection, making the ESD procedure easier, faster and safer.”

Dr Zacharias Tsiamoulos
Endoscopy Clinical Lead, GI Endoscopy East Kent University Hospitals Trust

“We’re missing this energy platform and I think it has much more potential; way beyond even a single ESD device.”

Dr. Petros C. Benias
Northwell Health - LIJ Medical Center

Pioneer Clinical Education Programme

Our dedication to improve patient outcomes using Advanced Energy includes substantial investment in Healthcare Professional (HCP) education, training, development, and support. Advancing patient care becomes a success when healthcare professionals and industry experts work together, which is why our Pioneer Clinical Education Programme is designed to provide comprehensive product and procedure training to elevate your learning journey and place you on a pathway to becoming a pioneer in your field.

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Improving Patient Pathways with SSD

We understand the importance of providing enhanced, cost-effective care for patients in your Trust or hospital. By bringing Advanced Energy to therapeutic endoscopy we can help achieve just that. Speedboat Submucosal Dissection (an enhanced form of ESD) is largely used in Gastroenterology for the treatment of large non-pedunculated colorectal polyps, and is a procedure method used when treating patients with our Speedboat devices.

We are partnering with healthcare providers across the globe to support the shift in patient pathways away from surgical intervention towards therapeutic endoscopy, by facilitating the implementation of Speedboat Submucosal Dissection (SSD). To find out more about how we do this, visit our Improving Patient Pathways with SSD page.

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If you are a healthcare professional looking for further information on how you can work with us, please get in touch