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At Creo Medical, we are dedicated to improving patient outcomes by applying Advanced Energy to the emerging field of surgical endoscopy.
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Speedboat Inject
Advanced Energy Device
The first Advanced Energy multi-modal instrument designed for flexible endoscopy that can deliver advanced bipolar RF and microwave energy from a single device.
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Pioneer Clinical
Education Programme
Our dedication to improve patient outcomes using Advanced Energy includes substantial investment in Healthcare Professional (HCP) education, training, development and support.
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Our mission is to transform patient lives by delivering pioneering endoscopic healthcare solutions to clinicians and healthcare providers across the world

Healthcare Professionals

Our Advanced Energy technology benefits patients, saves hospital resources and costs, and provides clinicians with increased flexibility precision and controlled surgical solutions.

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Our innovations have helped healthcare professionals enhance the lives of more than 1500 patients worldwide to date. Chris Grayling is one of those patients to have felt the benefits of our Advanced Energy technology. Read his case story to find out more.

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Medical Specialities

We partner with our customers to provide innovative technologies and provide a suite of supporting products that offer both great value and quality within Gastroenterology, Urology, Pulmonology and Surgery. Discover our medical specialities.

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Improved Patient Pathways

We partner with healthcare providers across the globe to support the shift in patient pathways away from surgical intervention towards therapeutic endoscopy.

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We provide a complete suite of solutions for clinicians and hospitals targeting critical procedures in the field of therapeutic endoscopy for Gastroenterology, Urology, Pulmonology and Surgery.

KamaptiveĀ® Technology

Our unique, Kamaptive Technology. combines super high frequency microwave and advanced bipolar radiofrequency energy to enable a range of miniature and minimally invasive endoscopic devices to precisely cut, coagulate and ablate.

Advanced Energy Devices

Our range of Advanced Energy devices, powered by our unique Kamaptive Technology, are designed to provide the highest level of patient benefits, deliver cost savings and the latest technology to healthcare providers. By bringing our Advanced Energy devices to the emerging field of therapeutic endoscopy, we are empowering hospitals and healthcare professionals to revolutionise their practice and provide an optimised and efficient patient pathways

Patient case stories

An interview with Dr Zacharias Tsiamoulos

We partner with healthcare providers across the globe to support the shift in patient pathways away from surgical intervention towards therapeutic endoscopy. Find out more about the World's first Complex Polyp Service at East Kent Hospital University Foundation Trust's (EKHUFT).

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15 May 2024

Full results - Final Results Strong revenue growth and significant commercial progress (9th May 2024)



26 September 2024 09:00 AM

American Foregut Society 2025

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05 October 2023 05:30 PM

Managing UGI Diseases with an Innovative Advanced Energy Platform


Case Studies

31 October 2023

Speedboat Submucosal Dissection (SSD) using Advanced Energy for a LST-mixed lesion in the rectum extending to the dentate line


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