NHS Supply Chain Study

The scale of improvement that moving from surgical interventions to therapeutic endoscopy has been recognised in a new case study demonstrating cash and operational savings

We provide Advanced Energy therapeutic endoscopy devices to the NHS Supply Chain Network. A recent NHS case study has shown substantial savings in addition to reducing the time that patients have to spend in hospital, both for initial treatment and follow up appointments. Clinical data is available within the case study, which presents figures on hospital cost savings and patient outcomes and is available to download below. 

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NHS Case Study Findings

Benefits of our Advanced Energy devices according to NHS Supply Chain clinical data:


Reduction in theatre time


Reduction in length of stay


Reduction in cost for hospital admissions

View the case study on the NHS Supply Chain website here

“With over 200 Speedboat Submucosal Dissection cases now completed, our in-depth costing work shows tangible and consistent financial benefits largely stemming from a reduction in the time patients are spending in hospital”

Elisa Llewellyn
Director of Commissioning, Contracting and Costing - NHS

“With the efficiency savings being shown, if other organisations were able to take the same approach it would certainly manifest in additional savings”

Adam Reynolds, East Kent Hospitals
Healthcare Costing Professional

“The complex polyp service reflects many things. We have managed to change the pathway for the patient, it was a game changer to bring patients from day surgery to the endoscopy theatre”

Dr. Zacharias Tsiamoulos
Consultant Gastroenterologist, East Kent University Hospitals

Purchasing our devices on the NHS Supply Chain catalogue with a simple search

In addition to our innovative Advanced Energy devices, we also offer a comprehensive range of single use endotherapy consumables and accessories for your everyday endoscopy requirements. When used alongside our Advanced Energy devices, we can provide high quality and value-based solutions to support your NHS hospitals and patients. To find us as a supplier on the NHS Supply Chain catalogue, search 'Creo Medical' in the search bar.

To find our Advanced Energy devices, use the device references below.


Speedboat Advanced Energy Device Information

Product CodeDescriptionCatheter Ø (mm)Catheter Length (mm)Needle Length (mm)/GaugeQuantityNHS Catalogue reference
PRD-SB1-001Speedboat UltraSlim2.352300N/A5FBE85122Add to enquiry
7-RS2-003Speedboat Inject 8Fr2.652300265FAL85108Add to enquiry
7-RS2-001Speedboat Inject 10Fr3.223006/265FAL19394Add to enquiry

For further information on how our Advanced Energy products can benefit NHS hospitals, please get in touch