Advanced Energy

Advanced Energy Devices

Our Advanced Energy Devices are powered by our unique Kamaptive Technology and are designed to support healthcare providers and clinicians to achieve enhanced patient outcomes. If you would like to find out more about these devices and how they improve patient pathways in your hospital, trust or clinic, please get in touch.

Speedboat Inject

Speedboat™ Inject is the first Advanced Energy multi-modal instrument designed for flexible endoscopy that can deliver both precise advanced bipolar radio frequency cutting and super high frequency microwave energy from a single device.


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CROMA Advanced Energy Generator

Our CROMA Advanced Energy platform, powered by Kamaptive Technology, is the first energy platform to deliver both advanced bipolar radiofrequency (RF) for precise localised cutting and super high frequency microwave energy for controlled coagulation, to provide physicians with flexible, accurate, and highly controllable devices delivered through a standard flexible endoscope.

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MicroBlate Fine 

MicroBlate™ Fine is a microwave needle ablation device designed to the same form and dimensions as a standard biopsy needle. With a diameter of less than 1mm, it’s intended for use in coagulation (ablation) of soft tissue.

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MicroBlate Flex

MicroBlate™ Flex is a Flexible microwave ablation device designed for soft tissue ablation where flexibility and small diameter are essential.

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SpydrBlade Flex

SpydrBlade™ Flex is a flexible bipolar RF and microwave scissor device that grasps, cuts and coagulates highly perfused tissue.

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What is Kamaptive Technology?

We are transforming lives through the development and delivery of minimally invasive devices, by bringing Advanced Energy to the emerging field of therapeutic endoscopy.

Kamaptive Technology is Creo Medical’s proprietary intelligent energy technology, found at the heart of all Kamaptive-enabled advanced energy platforms and devices.

  • Full-spectrum adaptive technology​
  • Seamless intuitive integration​
  • Adapts to tissue environment​
  • Self provisioning "plug & play" technology
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“We have been really pleased with the results for both our patients and our service. With the development of this service we are now able to offer patients treatment closer to home. ”

Lisa Neal
Programme Manager, East Kent Hospitals University Trust

“I'm very impressed with the preciseness and speed of the dissection using advanced bipolar energy. Microwave technologies have many advantages including a superb safety profile which allows me to complete a deeper dissection with confidence. ”

Dr Rodrigo Garces Duran
Endoscopist at UCL St Luc Bruxelles

“This platform is a leap in the advancement of colonic submucosal dissection, making the ESD procedure easier, faster and safer.”

Dr Zacharias Tsiamoulos
Endoscopy Clinical Lead, GI Endoscopy East Kent University Hospitals Trust

“We’re missing this energy platform and I think it has much more potential; way beyond even a single ESD device.”

Dr. Petros C. Benias
Northwell Health - LIJ Medical Center

Are you ready to transform your healthcare offering with our Advanced Energy Devices?