EndoCapEndoscopic distal attachments

Designed to be installed on the distal end of endoscopes, distal attachments maintain a good endoscopic field of view and provide assistance during therapeutic procedures.

Product Features

  • Assists in opening colon folds during colonoscopies, to improve lesion detection rate and facilitate resection.
  • Improves mucosal exposure during therapeutic procedures.
  • Maintains a constant distance between the endoscope and the mucosa.
  • Side port to enable fluid drainage.
  • Coms with a 4mm attachment length.
Indications for use

The distal attachments are installed on the distal end of endoscopes for maintaining a good field of viewing.

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EndoCap Details

Product codeExternal Ø of the attachment (mm)Distal extremity Ø of the endoscope (mm)Colour codeQuantity
DC-092-4011.35mm8.9 – 9.5 mmLight Blue10Add to enquiry
DC-098-4011.98mm9.6-10mmRose Red10Add to enquiry
DC-099-4012.30mm9.9-10.5mmDark Purple10Add to enquiry
DC-105-4012.40mm10.3-10.37 mmYellow10Add to enquiry
DC-108-4012.58mm10.7–11.1mmLight Purple10Add to enquiry
DC-115-4013.20mm11.3-11.7mmPink10Add to enquiry
DC-118-4013.85mm11.6-12mmNavy Blue10Add to enquiry
DC-122-4013.90mm12.1-12.5mmOrange10Add to enquiry
DC-128-4014.50mm12.6-12.9 mmLight Green10Add to enquiry
DC-132-4014.60mm13.0-13.5 mmDark Green10Add to enquiry
DC-148-4016.50mm14.6-15mmRed10Add to enquiry

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