Secretary of State for Wales visit

Simon Hart MP shown plans for using Cool Plasma technology to combat COVID-19

Creo Medical today hosted a visit from the Secretary of State for Wales, Simon Hart MP at its Chepstow Head Office.

As well as showing the Welsh Secretary shown Creo’s range of advanced energy surgical endoscopy products, the Company also gave a presentation on its Cool Plasma technology. Creo’s Cool Plasma technology has a proven, high efficacy kill of bacteria, and is expected to be highly effective in the inactivation of viruses. 6 log (i.e. 99.9999%) kill has been shown on the most resilient bacteria, including MRSA. E.Coli, K.Pneumoniae and C. difficile. Initial research and third-party testing indicates a consistent view that Creo’s Cool Plasma would inactivate (kill) the SARS-CoV-2 virus given its performance on relatively ‘tougher’ bacteria.

The presentation contained a video of the Cool Plasma technology and is available to view here.

On 2 July, the Company announced that it had secured a £2m loan from the Cardiff Capital Region to develop Creo’s Cool Plasma technology as a method to kill bacteria and viruses and for sterilisation purposes. The five-year loan will ultimately support the creation of Creo’s Plasma Division which will focus on the use of Creo’s CROMA Advanced Energy platform to create safe environments through sterilisation and decontamination.

Secretary of State for Wales, Simon Hart said:

It is fantastic to see Welsh companies stepping up to the challenges created by this pandemic and developing technology that can make a real difference in the fight against Covid-19.

“The Cardiff Capital Region’s £2 million investment will boost the innovative research that is already taking place at Creo Medical and help to cement South Wales’ position as a world leader in the development of medical technology.

Craig Gulliford, Chief Executive Officer of Creo, said:

We were very pleased to welcome the Secretary of State for Wales to our facilities here in Chepstow. We are proud to have taken our expertise in developing innovative medical devices and applied them to our plasma technology to develop products that could help halt the spread of Coronavirus. Wales has a strong reputation for producing technology rich and innovative life sciences companies and I am delighted we have established a platform to develop critical medical tools here in the UK that will benefit cancer patients worldwide, and to protect our nation against a resurgence of COVID-19.

Posted 07/10/20

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