First placement and use of Speedboat in Europe

Complex lower GI tract patient successfully treated

Creo Medical Group plc (AIM: CREO), a medical device company focused on the emerging field of surgical endoscopy, announces the successful first treatment of a patient in mainland Europe using its Speedboat device powered by the Company’s CROMA electrosurgery advanced energy platform, in Seville, Spain.

The patient, with a large pre-cancerous lesion in the lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract, was treated by leading Spanish gastrointestinal surgeon, Dr. Francisco J. Garcia Fernandez, at the Hospital Universitario Virgin del Rocio de Sevilla.

Dr Fernandez was trained in the use of the Speedboat device through Creo’s Clinical Education Programme over just one weekend, and will in turn provide ongoing clinical training for endoscopists in Spain as part of the market seeding and training framework distribution agreement with Spanish distributor, JJP Hospitalaria SL.

Patients have now been successfully treated using the Speedboat device powered by Creo’s CROMA platform in the UK, South Africa and Mainland Europe and the Company expects to continue to increase the number of trained clinicians in these regions and beyond as the roll-out of the Creo Clinical Education Programme gathers pace. The Company remains on track with the establishment of a training-centric commercialisation programme in the US and looks forward to updating shareholders on progress before the year end.

Speedboat is the first device developed for use with Creo’s CROMA generator, an electrosurgical platform that combines bipolar radiofrequency for precise, localised cutting and microwave for controlled coagulation. The Speedboat harnesses the cut and coagulation of the generator to enable the removal of cancerous and pre-cancerous GI growths.

Simon Meadowcroft, Director of Emerging Technology at Creo, observed the case as it was performed and commented:

It was a pleasure to watch Dr Fernandez perform this complex procedure and utilise the technology and techniques we have established through the Creo Medical Clinical Education Programme. This was a complicated case that enabled the patient to avoid more invasive surgery and the risks and complications associated with it. It’s great to see the advances in therapeutic endoscopy that our advanced energy platform is enabling and the difference this makes to patient outcomes.

Craig Gulliford, Creo’s Chief Executive Officer, commented:

Mainland Europe and the US are key markets for the Company and the successful completion of the first procedure in Spain is an important milestone as we roll-out our Clinical Education Programme across Europe initially through our distribution partners covering Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The additional funds raised over the summer have allowed us to expand our training programme to target a wider international group of clinicians and we remain on track with our US commercialisation programme and look forward to updating shareholders on positive progress.

Posted 12/03/18

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