UK Endoscopy Training Course

Live demonstrations and training using Creo’s Speedboat and CROMA platformTwo-day course supports CREO’s UK-wide Clinical Education ProgrammeOver 40 Clinicians participating

Creo Medical Group plc (AIM: CREO), a medical device company focused on the emerging field of surgical endoscopy, announces that the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother Hospital in Margate (“QEQM Hospital”), part of the East Kent University Hospitals Foundation Trust (“East Kent Trust”), today enters into the second day of a two-day endoscopy training course for over 40 UK clinicians, which will include live demonstrations and training on Creo’s Speedboat device and CROMA advanced energy platform.

The Endoscopy Training Course is being led by Dr Zacharias Tsiamoulos, Consultant in Gastroenterology and Specialist in GI Endoscopy at the East Kent Trust and Professor Yutaka Saito, Director of the Endoscopy Division at the National Cancer Center Hospital, Tokyo, Japan.

The course is being sponsored by Creo and Diagmed Healthcare Limited (“Diagmed”), Creo’s UK distribution partner, amongst others. Dr Tsiamoulos is a key opinion leader in the field of Gastrointestinal (“GI”) therapeutic endoscopy and a leading user of Creo’s Speedboat device for colorectal endoscopic submucosal dissection, an advanced surgical procedure using endoscopy to remove gastrointestinal pre-cancerous lesions that have not entered the muscle layer. Dr Tsiamoulos trained in the procedure in Japan under world leading key opinion leader, Professor Saito, one of the global pioneers in therapeutic endoscopy.

The course supports Creo’s education-led strategy and reflects Diagmed’s commitment to advance the roll out of Creo’s Clinical Education Programme in the UK, ensuring quality control and best patient outcomes through the education of key clinicians in the use of Speedboat and the CROMA platform.

The two-day event will allow delegates to observe a number of live procedures undertaken by Dr Tsiamoulos using Creo’s Speedboat, which can deliver bipolar radiofrequency for precise localised cutting and microwave energy for controlled coagulation. Dr Tsiamoulos will also provide direct training to delegates on the techniques required to successfully undertake endoscopic submucosal dissection procedures using the Speedboat device as an outpatient procedure, helping to reduce the risks associated with alternative open and laparoscopic procedures, reducing the length of stay in hospital for the patient, and reducing the cost of treatment and transferring therapy from the operating theatre to the endoscopy room.

Craig Gulliford, Chief Executive Officer, commented:

Our strategy has always been focused on ensuring that key clinicians are educated in the use of Speedboat and the CROMA platform to safeguard quality control and best patient outcomes. This training course at the QEQM hospital, and our wider Clinical Education Programme, aims to ensure that the first adopters of our technology, having been carefully mentored by our own doctors and endoscopy nurses, can deliver consistently high standards in this emerging field of surgical endoscopy.

Posted 19/10/2018

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