Creo CTO & Founder wins inaugural Technology Innovator of the Year Award at European Microwave Week

Chris Hancock wins $25,000 prize for first advanced energy multimodality instrument designed for flexible endoscopy using combined bipolar RF and microwave energy for advanced endoscopic procedures

Creo Medical Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Founder, Chris Hancock, has won an inaugural Technology Innovator of the Year Award at European Microwave Week.

The ceremony, sponsored by Junkosha, the pioneers of sophisticated fluoropolymer application technologies across Interventional Medical and Microwave and Millimeter Wave sectors, took place yesterday in London, UK, and saw Chairperson of the Awards, Joe Rowan, present Chris with the Award and the $25,000 prize.

Junkosha launched its Technology Innovator of the Year Award in March 2021 as part of a celebration of milestones including its new corporate image and website. The Award was designed to recognise the innovative work of an individual or team working in the delivery of products used within Interventional Medical procedures or Microwave/Millimeter Wave technologies. Its aim was to highlight the achievements of pioneers in advanced technology together with their contributions to society. Chris Hancock and Creo Medical were selected by a distinguished panel of judges following presentations completed by a shortlist of five candidates throughout February.

Chris Hancock is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Creo Medical, with over 20 years’ experience in medical device development including four years at Gyrus Group plc in his role as Senior Engineer. Chris holds a personal Chair in the Medical Microwave Systems Research Group at Bangor University and is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, a Chartered Physicist, a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, a Chartered Engineer and a Senior Member of the IEEE.

Joe Rowan, Chairperson for the Award, and Junkosha’s President and CEO of USA and Europe, explained:

We are very excited and proud to present Creo Medical and Chris Hancock as our first Technology Innovator of the Year Award winner. Chris’ breakthrough technology holds the potential to transform the point of treatments for a range of cancers. Overall, Chris’ achievement is one we can use as a yardstick to measure others in future years.

Mamoru Sogo, President and CEO of Junkosha Inc, said:

We believe that enabling innovators, like Creo Medical, is central to the philosophy behind the Junkosha brand as we continually look to advance the next generation of technology for a better future. As part of the plans to raise awareness of our new brand internationally, the Awards program delivers a tangible commitment to our values. We congratulate Chris Hancock and Creo Medical on their Award and look forward to observing their continued success well into the future.

Chris Hancock, Chief Technology Officer of Creo, commented:

I was delighted to be nominated for this accolade, even more to win it and have the work we are doing at Creo Medical recognised in this way. It is a real honour.

Like most innovations – our products and the technology that powers them are all products of an idea. From the beginning our idea has always been about harnessing advances in technology, together with creative and innovative thinking, to help patients and to offer a better alternative for treating cancer as well as other indications. I have been fortunate enough to see that belief materialise into something that is transforming lives every day, and which has the real potential to move the needle in how all manner of surgical procedures are conducted.

I look forward to ensuring that this $25k prize is used to empower and encourage others with an idea or a passion to see it reach its potential. As we’ve said many times at Creo – anything is possible with the right approach.

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Posted 04/05/22

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