Key strengths

CROMA Advanced Energy Platform and patented devices with compelling benefits

Our patented CROMA Advanced Energy Platform delivers microwave and bipolar radiofrequency energy through a single accessory port, delivering precise cut, coagulation and ablation for a range of electrosurgical devices bringing significant advantages in time, costs and outcomes.

Rich product pipeline and strong IP

We have a promising pipeline of products, from early concept development to in-human use, supported by an IP portfolio of 318 granted patents and 397 pending applications as at 30 June 2023.

Attractive market potential

Our devices are designed to enhance existing techniques and provide effective new therapies in high-value segments of large and growing global markets. Healthcare providers are expanding screening programs, driving increasing early stage detection rates for a range of conditions requiring tissue management and the control of bleeding.

Scalable business model

Our pioneering CROMA Advanced Energy Platform is designed to be scaled via the ‘razorblade mode’ with a suite of single use devices that deliver superior outcomes for physicians and patients. Our business model – from R&D, through manufacture and sales and distribution – is designed to be resilient and scalable.

Experienced team

Our management team is drawn from the surgical instrumentation and technology market and has experience spanning R&D, quality, regulatory approval and commercialisation and we have strategic relationships with respected scientific advisers and Key Opinion Leaders.

Clear commercialisation strategy

We are pursuing a defined roadmap towards the launch of a suite of devices, initially focused on GI and ablation applications. We begin by building advocacy with Key Opinion Leaders, driving penetration through our Clinical Education Programme and the subsequent breadth of usage through stimulating increased generator utilisation and expanding into adjacent markets. 

Deep in-house expertise coupled with partnerships with trusted third parties creates a powerful combination.

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