ScopeInject PlusSpiral Sheath Injection Needle

Used in therapeutic endoscopy to inject fluid, to lift the mucosal or submucosal layers, and to inject adrenaline during haemostatic procedures, ScopeInject Plus is designed for usability with configurations best suited for the clinical need.

Product Features

  • Safe to use: click/unclick system allowing the needle to be secured in both the “out” and “in” positions
  • Triple bevelled needle for safe and precise punctures
  • Distal end covered with a protective tip, to avoid accidental injury when opening the package
  • Coated: Intended to cause less friction and to prevent kinking
  • Metal end: designed for easy deployment through the channel 
Indications for use

Endoscopic injection of sclerosing agent into the gastrointestinal mucosa.

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ScopeInject Plus Injection Needle

  • Designed for safety
  • Triple bevelled needle
  • Teflon coated

ScopeInject Plus - Spiral Sheath Injection Needle

Product CodeCatheter Length (mm)Needle Ø (G / mm) Catheter Ø (mm)Needle Length (mm)Quantity
IN-2416-2304M-5313160023 / 0.57 2.44.010Add to enquiry
IN-2416-2504M-5313 160025 / 0.45 2.44.010Add to enquiry
IN-2423-2304M-5313 230023 / 0.57 2.44.010Add to enquiry
IN-2423-2504M-5313230025 / 0.45 2.44.010Add to enquiry

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