ScopeGraspGrasping Forceps

A wide range for the extraction of a wide variety of foreign bodies of different shapes and consistencies, both for digestive and bronchial endoscopy.

Product Features

  • Four-link design: For strong gripping force
  • Serrated tooth design: A deploy-and-grasp action, with a rat tooth design and serrated jaw to secure small objects
  • Pantograph type opening mechanism: Designed to allow extraction even in angulated endoscopes
  • Rotatable model: to facilitate the positioning of the forceps
  • Sterile and single-use: reduces the risk of nosocomial infections, readily available for emergencies, and consistently operational
  • Diabolo handle for a secure grip and controlled movement
  • Colour coded for quick identification of the sheath diameter
  • Three models available, for the extraction of a wide variety of foreign bodies
Indications for use

To enter human respiratory tract, stomach or GI tract through flexible endoscopy to grasp tissue, stones, stents or foreign bodies

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ScopeGrasp - Grasping Forceps

  • Four-link design
  • Serrated tooth design 
  • Rotatable model

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