ScopeBiteDigestive Biopsy Forceps

We offer a diverse portfolio of biopsy forceps to optimise the tissue sample, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Product Features

  • Swinging Cup: vertical biopsy can be performed for esophagus, greater curvature of the stomach and other areas
  • Large capacity cup with holes: to increase sampling volume
  • Position markers: along the length of the instrument for improved visibility
  • Sterile single-use instruments
  • Large capacity with smooth and serrated cup options
Indications for use

To enter human GI tract via flexible endoscope to obtain tissue samples.

The information provided on this website is intended for general informational purposes regarding our range of medical devices that Creo Medical offer. The availability of our products may vary depending on the regulatory requirements and approval processes in different countries or territories.

ScopeBite Biopsy Forceps

  • Swinging Cup
  • Large capacity
  • Position markers

ScopeBite - Biopsy Forceps (Swinging Jaw)

Product CodeØ Catheter (mm)Catheter Length (mm)Span (mm)Cup TypeSpikedQuantity
GBF-181650211.816005.6SmoothYes10Add to enquiry
GBF-23165021 (Large Capacity)2.316008.0SmoothNo10Add to enquiry
GBF-23235021 (Large Capacity)2.323008.0SmoothNo10Add to enquiry
GBF-23165022 (Large Capacity)2.316008.0SmoothYes10Add to enquiry
GBF-23235022 (Large Capacity)2.323008.0SmoothYes10Add to enquiry
GBF-181650231.816005.6Toothed No10Add to enquiry
GBF-23165023 (Large Capacity)2.316008.0Toothed No10Add to enquiry
GBF-23235023 (Large Capacity)2.323008.0Toothed No10Add to enquiry
GBF-23165024 (Large Capacity)2.316008.0Toothed Yes10Add to enquiry
GBF-23235024 (Large Capacity)2.323008.0Toothed Yes10Add to enquiry

ScopeBite - Biopsy Forceps (Standard Model)

Product CodeØ Catheter (mm)Catheter Length (mm)Span (mm)Cup TypeSpikedQuantity
GBF-181650111.816005.0SmoothNo10Add to enquiry
GBF-231650112.316007.0SmoothNo10Add to enquiry
GBF-232350112.323007.0SmoothNo10Add to enquiry
GBF-231650122.316007.0SmoothYes10Add to enquiry
GBF-232350122.323007.0SmoothYes10Add to enquiry
GBF-1816501231.816005.6ToothedNo10Add to enquiry
GBF-231650132.316006.8ToothedNo10Add to enquiry
GBF-232350132.323006.8ToothedNo10Add to enquiry
GBF-231650142.316006.8ToothedYes10Add to enquiry
GBF-232350142.323006.8ToothedYes10Add to enquiry

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