WashMasterDisinfection System

The WashMaster eco for the synchronous or asynchronous preparation of two endoscopes at the same time. WashMaster eco is a disinfection system for all fibre and video-endoscopes. Also available as WashMaster Duo.

Product Features

  • Rinsing selection 1x/2x
  • Disinfection
  • Channel pressure monitoring
  • Multi shot
  • Cleaning control by time
  • Neutralisation
  • Self disinfection
  • Integrated Leakage-Tester
  • 6 channels - includes water jet channel
Indications for use

Disinfect and neutralise endoscopes

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WashMaster & Required Accessories

Product CodeDescriptionDimensions (mm)Quantity
7680-D1-V00WashMaster EcoHeight: 1100, Width: 680, Depth: 5201Add to enquiry
7680-D2-V00WashMaster DuoHeight: 1100 (1470 with open lid), Width: 1080, Depth: 8101Add to enquiry
7670-U00Tank-cabinet for Scope table-model with article no. 7670-A00 - 7680-V00Height: 720, Width: 680, Depth: 5201Add to enquiry
7210-032Endless-label roll for Dymo Label-writer SE 450 / SE 3001Add to enquiry
7210-033Endless-label roll 350 pic. for PCL printer 7210-0151Add to enquiry

Optional Accessories for WashMaster

Product CodeDescriptionDimensionsQuantity
7526-RF-PE-SET Cap for leakage test with silicone tube4x2mm, length: 60cm - stainless steel1Add to enquiry
7526-OL-SET Tubing Set including Cap for leakage Test suitable for Olympus Silicone tube 4x2mm, length: 60cm1Add to enquiry
7526-FU-SETTubing Set including Cap for leakage Test suitable for Fujinon Silicone tube 4x2mm, length: 60mm1Add to enquiry
7210-D20 ENDO-PRINTER-set incl: Input and monitoring unit, Docking station, Dymo label Writer, power pack, data cable, printer paper and batteries for input device1Add to enquiry
7210-020ENDO-PRINTER Hand attachment with Dockingstation incl. connecting ca- ble and batteries1Add to enquiry
7210-040Batteries for ENDO-PRINTER (life span approx. 600 - 800 h)1Add to enquiry
7521-355Channel separator for Fujifilm Endoscopy 100,200,201 Series with bracket1Add to enquiry
7521-500Channel blocker for HUGER endoscopes1Add to enquiry
7680-200Disinfection lid for SCOPE-Full-Automatic for WashMaster1Add to enquiry
9510-01Canister Enzyme cleaner of 5 liters for cleaning endoscopes and surgical instruments2Add to enquiry
9510-INSTRUPLUS-NEUInstru Plus 2 bottles 5L2Add to enquiry

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