UroGuideHydrophilic Guide Wire

Designed to provide rapid access to the upper urinary tract.

Product Features

  • Flexible tapered tip for atraumatic operation.
  • Hydrophilic coating for low friction insertion and advancement.
  • Nitinol core: Flexible material, resistant to deformation and good radiopacity providing good fluoroscopic visibility for controlled navigation.
  • Guide wire protective case with:
    • Luer-Lock connection for easy and complete wetting of the guide wire before use.
    • Introducer for centering and facilitating the insertion of the guide wire into the inlet valve of the operating channel.
Indications for use

To create a pathway that can be followed to allow a catheter or similar interventional device to reach the area where the operation will take place (urinary system)

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UroGuide - Hydrophilic Guide Wire

Product codeØ (Inch / mm)Length (cm)Length of flexible endShape of the flexible endQuantity
UGW-035150-0050.035 / 0.891501x3cmStraight5Add to enquiry
UGW-038150-0060.038 / 0.971501x3cmStraight5Add to enquiry
UGW-035150-0110.035 / 0.891501x3cmCurved5Add to enquiry
UGW-038150-0120.038 / 0.971501x3cmCurved5Add to enquiry
UGW-035150-0400.035 / 0.891502x5cmCurved at one end and straight at the other5Add to enquiry

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