UroFlow Toilet Hygienic uroflow measurement for children and adults

UroFlow is an automatic uroflow measurement toilet for children and adults. Uroflow toilet measures uroflow parameters, creates the report after the measurement is complete and sends it to the hospital information system (HIS). This equipment can be used independently by the patient or with support from clinical staff.

Product Features

  • Fully automatic function 
  • Maximum hygiene convenience
  • Wireless Technology 

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Further details

  • Fully automatic function – Patients can use the UroFlow privately, discreetly and naturally. In exceptional cases, the patient can use it with the help clinic staff.
  • Maximum hygiene convenience - The Uroflow toilet creates a hygienic and relaxed atmosphere and prevents odours.
  • Wireless Technology - The Uroflow toilet is designed for remote maintenance and connects wirelessly to the internet. This allows us to provide online service and carry out annual maintenance and upgrades, while the equipment stays in situ.
  • Internal screen - The screen visually accompanies the patient through the individual Uroflow phases and shows the measurement curves
  • Barcode scanners - The patient generates his individual report for the hospital information system using an internal barcode.
  • Online printer - The patient can take the measurement results independently within seconds without the need for personnel.

UroFlow Toilet

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