UroAccessUreteral Access Sheath

As part of the urologist’s toolbox when performing intra-renal procedures, the UroAccess ureteral access sheath is designed to create and maintain consistent access to the kidneys. Available in two different lengths and two diameters, UroAccess can be used in four different configurations, allowing the user to customise the device as needed. 

Product Features

  • Dilator tip shape optimised for easy insertion 
  • Bevelled access sheath end for atraumatic transition between dilator and sheath 
  • Hydrophilic coating providing glide during insertion 
  • Reinforced and radiopaque sheath
  • Graduated sheath along full length
  • Luer-lock connection for contrast medium injection
  • Expander inside sheath operates via locking system for a reliable coupling
Indications for use

Provides a channel for an interventional device to reach the area where the operation takes place.

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Product CodeØ Sheath exterior (Fr) Ø Sheath interior (Fr) Length (cm) Quantity
UAS-101235-041 1012354Add to enquiry
UAS-101245-042 1012454Add to enquiry
UAS-121435-038 1214354Add to enquiry
UAS-121445-026 1214454Add to enquiry

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