Tubing and Safety ValvesA wide range of accessories for Urodynamic systems

Reliable and effective tubing and safety valves are essential to effective pressure measurement when performing urodynamics procedures. We supply a range of tubes specifically crafted for application in Creo Medical Urodynamic systems and those for systems from other manufacturers, offering a wide range of choice.

Product Features

  • Ventilated spike enables the usage of bottles without requiring an extra vent or needle,  
  • Clamp installed to prevent undesired spillage during priming.  
  • Green indicator on luer connector aligns with the green connector on all catheters featuring a filling lumen. 
  • One-way valve with extension purposefully designed to attach to pump tubing, ensuring that the PUMP remains uncontaminated by enabling circulation solely in the filling direction and preventing backflow

Tubing for Creo Medical Urodynamic Systems

Product CodeDescriptionDimensionsMaterialQuantity
93800000 One way Safety valve Length: 120mm Transparent PVC20 Add to enquiry
00288600 Connecting Tube Diameter: 2mm/6Fr Transparent PVC10Add to enquiry
00288705Pump tube with clamp, for Phoenix Plus Length: 3700mm Transparent PVC10Add to enquiry
00288710 Pump tube with clamp Length: 4200mm Transparent PVC10Add to enquiry
00288706 Set of pump tubes with pillowLength: 3700mm Transparent PVC25Add to enquiry
33288900 Urethral Perfusion Line Transparent PVC5Add to enquiry
93800001 Infusion line extension with one-way valve Transparent PVC20Add to enquiry

Pump tubing compatible with other brands also available, please contact us for details.

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