Sonoscape HD-550Endoscopy Systems

Full High-Definition Video Endoscopy System with 4-LED Light Source and SFI/VIST Technology. HD-550 is equipped with the 4-LED light source, and an upgraded scope tubing. Supporting 1080p resolution, the added brightness provides even more image details under all light modes, and truly smooths the path in both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. 

Product Features

  • Boosted Image Performance - with a 4-LED light source which enables multi-spectrum and multi-mode imaging.  
  • Boosted Life span - with the 4-LED light source ensures an extended life span. Enjoy the reliable brightness for much longer before thinking about bulb replacement. 
  • Boosted Manoeuverability - with a great ergonomic experience, large field of vision and Ingenious design. 
Indications for use

Endoscopic examination, diagnosis and treatment of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract.

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Technical Details

White-light Mode (Default)Highly illuminated image, true to colour Suitable for routine observation
SFI ModeNormal-focus mode with enhanced structure and colorSupporting in detection and demarcation of the lesions
VIST ModeNear-focus mode with increased mucosal contrastAssisting in characterisation of the lesions and diagnosis

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