Sono Flex EBUS NeedleEndobronchial Ultrasound-Guided Aspiration Needle

SonoFlex EBUS is a TBNA system, offering highest visibility under ultrasound by using a highly reflecting stainless-steel needle. The special surface treatment enables high visibility of the needle till the very end of the distal tip, enabling work in small target areas where tip visibility is crucial for placement within the cyst or lesion.  

Product Features

  • EBUS-guided aspiration needles with one-hand operation
  • Kink resistant Nitinol needle prevents the “Banana Effect”, which results in a bent needle after advancement through a curved channel 
  • Special surface treatment for superior visibility 
  • Unique one-hand operating mode for needle and catheter length adjustment (0–4 cm) 
  • Adapters provide proper fitting to all commonly used EBUS endoscopes* 
  • Nitinol stylet with locking mechanism 
Indications for use

Endoscopic removal of gallstones

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Sono Flex EBUS Ni

Product CodeDescriptionNeedle MaterialØ NeedleØ CatheterCompatible EBUS Scope
FNA-B01-2218Sono Flex EBUS NiNitinol22 Gauge / 0.7 mm 1.8 mm PentaxAdd to enquiry
FNA-B03-2218Sono Flex EBUS NiNitinol22 Gauge / 0.7 mm 1.8 mm Olympus and Fujifilm Add to enquiry
FNA-B02-2218Sono Flex EBUS NiStainless Steel22 Gauge / 0.7 mm 1.8 mm Olympus and Fujifilm Add to enquiry

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