SmartScaleWireless Urine Flowmeter with PC & network integration

The SmartScale is a wireless uroflow for the diagnosis of bladder emptying disorders. It is designed for PC integration and can be integrated into practice and clinic networks. The non-invasive diagnostics available offer several solutions for differing needs. 

Product Features

  • Cordless: easy to use and clean  
  • Fully automatic 
  • Fixed or variable scale 
  • Automatic analysis in compliance with the ICS, including Liverpool, Siroky and paediatric nomograms 
  • Easy-to-use software with SQL database  
  • User-configurable reports 
  • Hygienic - designed to prevent splashing. 
Indications for use

Uroflowmetry studies - male, female, adult & paediatric, for diagnosis of urinary flow disorders.

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SmartScale Accessories:

Product CodeDescriptionQuantity
98800002 SmartScale Urine Flowmeter 1Add to enquiry
00004408Micturition chair, folding, with funnel1Add to enquiry
00002404Micturation stand for male voiding studies, with funnel1Add to enquiry
00004413Replacement transparent flowscale covers 5Add to enquiry
00025432Replacement transparent flowscale cover Mk2 5Add to enquiry
00004412Collection jug 2 litre1Add to enquiry
00004415Calibration weight 500g1Add to enquiry
72010004Funnel for micturition chair or stand1Add to enquiry

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