SmartDynWireless Urodynamics System

SmartDyn provides wireless urodynamics allowing maximum flexibility for the operator and investigation room setup. The SmartDyn unit is located close to the patient, and wireless data transmission allows the PC, display and printer to be located at the operator’s preference. Maximum flexibility means that studies, analysis and reports can be configured to suit the operator.

Product Features

  • Adjustable pole
  • Anorectal Manometry
  • Database/Analysis
  • EMG
  • Filling pump & sensor
  • Flowscale
  • Network and HIS
  • Nomograms/Reports
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Retractor
  • Video Urodynamics
  • Also available as SmartDyn Compact
Indications for use

To perform Urodynamic and Anorectal Manometry studies.

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Required components

98500000SmartDyn - Wireless Urodynamics System1Add to enquiry
985C0000SmartDyn Compact - Wireless Urodynamics System1Add to enquiry
00002806Urodynamic pressure transducer kit (includes bracket + cable)1Add to enquiry
00004442Wired flowscale1Add to enquiry
98800000Wireless flowscale1Add to enquiry

Optional components

004329Laptop PC for SmartDyn1Add to enquiry
98500214PC trolley/workstation1Add to enquiry
00004326Puller for UPP studies1Add to enquiry
00004616EMG module (wireless)1Add to enquiry
00004408Micturition chair, folding, with funnel1Add to enquiry
00002404Micturition stand for male voiding studies, with funnel1Add to enquiry
98500215Video urodynamics option1Add to enquiry
98000003Anorectal manometry software1Add to enquiry

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