ScopeXtract Triple lumen biliary extraction balloon

Balloon dilation of the biliary tree forms an important part of the repertoire of techniques for the endoscopic treatment of diseases of the biliary tract. Accurate and consistent placement, inflation and deflation of the balloon all form key requirements for the balloon chosen. 

Our range of ScopeXtract biliary extraction balloons are designed to remove stones from the bile duct or to facilitate the injection of contrast media, with both standard and short models available as well as 3 diameter variations when the balloon is inflated. 

Product Features

  • The platoid shape of the balloon reduces the surface area in contact with the walls of the bile duct, in order to remove the majority of stones in one pass, while also reducing friction and resisting shrinkage 
  • The balloon does not deform easily, avoiding lateral leakage during extraction 
  • The conical design of the catheter tip allows for easy cannulation of the papilla 
Indications for use

Endoscopic removal of gallstones

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ScopeXtract – Extraction Balloon

Product CodeØ Catheter (Fr / mm) Ø inflated balloon (mm) Short guide wire compatible?Length (cm)LumenQuantity
SEB-1012155451 7 - 5 / 2.3 - 1.7 10 - 12 - 15 No200Triple5Add to enquiry
SEB-1315185451 7 - 5 / 2.3 - 1.7 13 - 15 - 18 No200Triple5Add to enquiry
SEB-1012155453 7 - 5 / 2.3 - 1.7 10 - 12 - 15 Yes200Triple5Add to enquiry
SEB-1315185453 7 - 5 / 2.3 - 1.7 13 - 15 - 18 Yes200Triple5Add to enquiry

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