ScopeValveBiopsy Valves

Biopsy valves are the gateway to the various sterile devices and because it is almost impossible to clean them and therefore sterilise them satisfactorily. We offer options for both sterile and non-sterile biopsy valves to give flexibility and convenience to healthcare professionals depending on their needs.

Product Features

  • Single use for a product that is always effective and a significant reduction in the risk of nosocomial infections
  • Sterile device option: to guarantee a product free of microorganisms, through which sterile instruments and accessories are inserted
  • Traceability: 3 detachable self-adhesive labels with each device
  • Removable cap with perfectly molded closure system to prevent fluid leakage, thus securing the procedure by protecting medical personnel 
Indications for use

For covering the biopsy port of an endoscope during an endoscopy procedure allowing the passage and change of the endoscopy device while ensuring a tight seal.

The information provided on this website is intended for general informational purposes regarding our range of medical devices that Creo Medical offer. The availability of our products may vary depending on the regulatory requirements and approval processes in different countries or territories.

ScopeValve Biopsy Valves - Sterile

Product CodeDescriptionCompatible EndoscopesQuantity
ENDO028SBiopsy Valve Olympus® and Fujinon 100Add to enquiry
ENDO018SBiopsy Valve Pentax® 100Add to enquiry
ENDO015SBiopsy Valve with lateral irrigation connection Olympus® and Fujinon® 100Add to enquiry

ScopeValve Biopsy Valves - Non-Sterile

Product CodeKit IncludesCompatible ItemsQuantity
ENDO018Working channel valve Pentax®100Add to enquiry
ENDO028Working channel valve Olympus® and Fujinon100Add to enquiry

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