ScopeTrapPolyp trap

Designed to ensure the secure retrieval and seamless transfer of resected polyps, the ScopeTrap series boasts an advanced drawer locking system, enhancing safety and facilitating effortless handling. This comprehensive solution for polyp recovery places user needs at the forefront, fostering efficiency, comfort, and safety for nursing staff. 

Product Features

  • Fitted with detachable chambers*, enabling concurrent retrieval of multiple polyps without disrupting the suction process
  • Sequentially numbered chambers for tracking of resected polyps
  • Chamber filter system
  • Transparent lid for observation of compartment contents
  • Clearly marked compartment numbers for identification
  • Closed-system polyp capture to help protect hospital staff by preventing potential exposure to biomaterials
Indications for use

Suction recovery of polyps resected endoscopically

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ScopeTrap – Polyp Traps

Product CodeDescriptionNo. ChambersRemovable Chambers?Quantity
ENDO040 ScopeTrap T Trap2Yes20Add to enquiry
10017130 ScopeTrap4No50Add to enquiry
10017130B ScopeTrap4No20Add to enquiry
ENDO082 ScopeTrap Plus4Yes12Add to enquiry

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