ScopeNetNet Snares

ScopeNet has been specifically designed for the safe and efficient recovery of polyps, foreign bodies, and food impactions within the human body. It provides healthcare professionals with a reliable and minimally invasive tool for diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. 

Product Features

  • 360° rotatable handle for easy positioning
  • Ergonomic design of the scissor-type handle facilitates one-handed operation
  • Teflon sheath provides excellent glide in the operating channel
  • Expandable net for the recovery of large foreign bodies
  • Preserves specimen morphology during extraction
  • Sterile packaging ensures a product free from contamination
Indications for use

This product is used with an endoscope to remove objects, food boluses or polyps from the human body after resection with a polypectomy loop.

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ScopeNet Net Snares

Product CodeCatheter Diameter (mm)Catheter Length (cm)Net Size (I x L) (mm)Quantity
FST-FG-18-160-C2 1.8 16025 x 55 10Add to enquiry
FST-FG-23-230-C3 2.3230 30 x 60 10Add to enquiry
FST-FG-23-230-C4 2.3230 40 x 75 10Add to enquiry

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