A wide range of Biteblocks suitable for all upper digestive endoscopies.

Product Features

  • Large central opening to allow the passage of all types of endoscopes
  • Internal dental stops to avoid the expulsion of the mouthguard by the patient
  • Lateral indentations to facilitate the guiding of the endoscope during its introduction
  • Models with silicone dental protection to protect the patient’s teeth
  • Oxygenating biteblock - for endoscopies where O2 is required
  • Eco model - taking into account budgetary constraints  
  • Small size model available for patients with limited mandibular mobility and Infants
  • Single use and individually packed
  • Supplied with traceability labels

The information provided on this website is intended for general informational purposes regarding our range of medical devices that Creo Medical offer. The availability of our products may vary depending on the regulatory requirements and approval processes in different countries or territories.

Standard Biteblocks - Non Sterile

Product CodeDescriptionCentral Opening (mm)Quantity
AN10018000ScopeGuard - Universal Biteblock27 x 22100Add to enquiry
AN2360000ScopeGuard Plus Eco Biteblock + Head strap26 x 20100Add to enquiry
AN10018002ScopeGuard Plus Universal Biteblock + Head strap27 x 22100Add to enquiry
AN10018003ScopeGuard Plus Mini Small size Biteblock + Head strap20 x 16100Add to enquiry
ENDO0209ScopeGuard Plus Protect Biteblock with dental protection + Head strap26 x 19100Add to enquiry
ENDO0209AScopeGuard Plus Biteblock + Head strap26 x 19100Add to enquiry
AN10018011ScopeFix Head strap100Add to enquiry

BiteBlocks Oxygenators – Non Sterile

Product CodeDescriptionCentral Opening (mm)Quantity
ENDO044ScopeGuard O2 Biteblock for oxygen insufflation + Head strap23 x 22100Add to enquiry
ENDO044FScopeGuard O2 Protect Biteblock for oxygen insufflation with dental protection + Head strap23 x 22100Add to enquiry

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