ScopeFlushDisposable irrigation tubing & connectors

The ScopeFlush range enables you to replace your reusable tubing, bottles and accessories with disposable devices. The range is compatible with the majority of irrigation pumps and covers irrigation tubing for irrigation pumps as well as connectors for the auxiliary waterjet channel.

Product Features

  • Sterile: product free of microorganisms through which sterile water is passed to the patient through the endoscope. 
  • For 24-hour use: greater hygiene, less risk of nosocomial infections. 
  • Disposable: always effective and eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming cleaning and sterilization
  • Integrated back-flow valve in each set of tubing (unidirectional flow from the bottle to the endoscope)
  • Exempt from Phthalates (DEHP) and bisphenol A
  • Compatible with the majority of irrigation pumps
Indications for use

Insufflation of Air or CO2 and irrigation of sterile water to the endoscopes during endoscopic procedures.

The information provided on this website is intended for general informational purposes regarding our range of medical devices that Creo Medical offer. The availability of our products may vary depending on the regulatory requirements and approval processes in different countries or territories.

Further information

The ScopeFlush 24H00 irrigation tubing, used in combination with the single-use auxiliary water connector, is the solution to further reduce the risk of contamination. Associated with an irrigation pump, ScopeFlush tubing and connectors can be used for colonoscopies, to cleanse the colon in case of insufficient preparation, in case of gastrointestinal bleeding or for colonoscopies performed under water insufflation instead of air/CO2. 

ScopeFlush - Irrigation tubings for irrigation pumps

Product CodeDescriptionCompatible Irrigation PumpsQuantity
ENDO230 Irrigation tubing for irrigation pumps Olympus®, Erbe™ EndoGator EGP-100E® 10Add to enquiry
ENDO130 Irrigation tubing for irrigation pumps Olympus® OFP2, EndoStratus® Pentax® Scope Assist™ 10Add to enquiry

ScopeFlush – Connectors for the auxiliary water injection channel (single use)

Product CodeDescriptionCompatible Irrigation PumpsQuantity
ENDO241 Auxiliary water connector Olympus® 100Add to enquiry
ENDO242 Auxiliary water connector Pentax® 100Add to enquiry
ENDO126 Connector for auxiliary waterjet channel Fujifilm® 100Add to enquiry

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