Pressure TransducersReusable pressure transducers and domes for urodynamics

For urodynamic clinics, utilising reusable pressure transducers along with disposable domes offers the most economical solution in terms of cost-effectiveness. 

Product Features

  • A 100mmHg test button for convenient testing
  • Gold-plated pins that are resistant to corrosion
  • Silicone seals to safeguard the transducer-cable connection from fluid ingress
  • Color-coded adhesive labels for easy identification
  • The transducer sensor is protected with a dummy dome to ensure its safety
Indications for use

Checking the air insufflation and aspiration of an endoscope during digestive endoscopy procedures.

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Pressure Transducers and Domes

Product CodeDescriptionQuantity
00002787 Dome for pressure transducer 50Add to enquiry
00002787C Dome for pressure transducer, Male/Male 50Add to enquiry
00002787B Dome for pressure transducer, Female/Male 50Add to enquiry
94122000 Pressure transducer for Anorectal Module 50Add to enquiry

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