Pinit  Bladder Scanner

Designed for rapid and non-invasive bladder volume measurement, the Pinit Bladder Scanner is a portable ultrasound device that provides real-time results. It offers simplicity of operation, making it user-friendly for trained healthcare professionals. Pinit is predominantly used for Catheterisation Management, Urinary incontinence (PVR), Uroflowmetry (urodynamics) support, Urinary Retention: Post Operative (POUR), Acute (AUR) and Chronic (CUR) Urinary tract infections. 

Product Features

  • Compact and easily transportable 
  • Automated and precise 
  • Enables a wide range of diagnostic measurements of the urinary tract and related organs. 
  • Minimises needless catheterisation 
  • Reduces incidence of urinary tract infection (UTI) 
  • Helps in treating and managing urinary incontinence 
  • Minimises patient pain and discomfort 
  • Quick start-up (ca. 3 sec.) and short scan time (ca. 2 sec.) 
  • Four work modes 
  • Built-in thermal printer 
Indications for use

Measurement of bladder volume.

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Pinit Bladder Scanner

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