PeditrolFoot Operated Irrigation System

Irrigation during endoscopy helps to maintain a clear visual field by displacing blood, stone fragments, and cellular debris. Inadvertent effects, such as stone migration caused by pressuirised irrigation can complicate ureterorenoscopy. Unlike electronic devices Peditrol clears the visual field instantly. The flow is effective even when the laser fibre or basket is loaded in the working channel and the scope is fully flexed. As a low volume system, it is less likely to subject the kidneys to excessive intrapelvic pressures. Peditrol is operated by foot, leaving both hands free for stone manipulation. 

Product Features

The Peditrol device is capable of producing dual flow by: 

  • Continuous background flow regulated by hydrostatic pressure (proportionate to the height of the bag with fluid above the patient's level). 
  • Accelerated flow dependent on the force applied by the urologist to the foot pedal. 

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Further product details

  • Controlled Irrigation - The in-line flow switch creates a comfortable single-handed on/off control of the flow and prevents inadvertent spillage of irrigation fluid. 
  • Dual Flow - A continuous low-intensity background flow regulated by adjusting the height of the irrigation fluid reservoir above the patient’s level and an accelerated, on-demand flow achieved with compression of the pillow. 
  • Tubing Extension - The Mini Pillow system includes a tubing extension. This can be attached between the in-line flow switch of the Mini Pillow unit and endoscope. The extension allows the assistant to control the irrigation in a comfortable position. 

Peditrol Irrigation System

Product CodeDescriptionQuantity
URO 002Foot pump for ureterorenscopy1Add to enquiry
URO 041Disposable irrigation set for ureterorenoscopy10Add to enquiry

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