HermesIntegrated Urodynamic System

The integrated design of the Hermes is a highly efficient urodynamic unit for a low-cost investment, which facilitates a fast learning curve.

Product Features

  • Wireless connection of the Flowscale and EMG to the main unit
  • Availability of all current nomograms and ICS terminology
  • Hygienic - easy to clean, with waterproof keyboard, and specially designed flowscale with hygienic, replaceable covers. Removable and sterilisable UPP catheter holder
  • Optional anorectal manometry and video urodynamics
  • Optional integration with the hospital information system
Indications for use

To perform Urodynamic and Anorectal Manometry studies

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Product Features

Video Urodynamics

Video Urodynamics

  • High Resolution Processing
  • Available for analogue or digital x-ray outputs
  • Real time recording and synchronisation
  • Real time snapshots
Adjustable Pole

Adjustable Pole

  • Secure and handy fixing system for catheters and pump tubing
  • Quick and easy adjustment
  • Hygienic
Filling Sensor

Filling Sensor

  • Reports exact volume infused:
  • Compatible with:
    • Different contrast media
    • Catheters with different lumen sizes
    • Avoids pump infusion errors
Filling Pump

Filling Pump

  • User friendly software control
  • Filling range pump flow from 0ml/min to 150ml/min
  • Automatic priming of the pump tubing set

Pressure Transducers

  • 3 colour coded pressure transducers
  • Urodynamic set for convenient flushing of the catheters
  • Pressure range from -50 to +350 mmHg
  • Autocalibration button


  • Flexible, robust and easy to adapt to any position
  • Removable and sterilisable catheter holder to prevent cross contamination
  • Easy connection of the catheter


  • High Quality Signal
  • Wireless system allows free patient movement
  • Low electronic noise
  • Rechargeable


  • Wireless communication allowing privacy for the patient
  • High sensitivity with small flow-rates.
  • Replaceable hygienic covers.
  • Tailored for micturition chair or stand.

Database / Analysis

  • SQL Database engine ensures fast access to all studies:
    • Complete analysis as defined by the ICS
    • User designed protocols and reports
    • NDL Technology (No Data Loss)

Nomograms / Reports

  • Full range of Nomograms for adults and paediatric studies
  • Customised investigations and reports

Anorectal Manometry

  • 4 or 5 Pressure channels. Vector Volume.
  • Integrated air pressure pump for accurate perfusion.
  • Foot pedal control
  • Configurable studies (RAIR, Pressure Profile, Fatigue Index, Sensitivity).

Network and HIS

  • Wireless or cable connection to Hospital Network.
  • DICOM compatible - Storage & Worklist

Hermes Urodynamic System & Accessories

CodeDescriptionAccessory Type
98600000Hermes - The fully Integrated Urodynamic SolutionAdd to enquiry
00002806Pressure Transducers RequiredAdd to enquiry
00004442Flow Scale - with cable RequiredAdd to enquiry
98800000Flow Scale - wireless (alternative to flow scale with cable) RequiredAdd to enquiry
00004326Puller and Adjustable Pole OptionalAdd to enquiry
00004616EMG OptionalAdd to enquiry
00004408Micturition chair OptionalAdd to enquiry
00002404Micturition stand OptionalAdd to enquiry
Video UrodynamicsOptionalAdd to enquiry
Anorectal ManometryOptionalAdd to enquiry

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