Urodynamic Cystometry CathetersDesigned to enhance diagnostic accuracy

Experience precise and reliable bladder pressure measurements with our advanced Cystometry Catheters, designed to enhance diagnostic accuracy and provide exceptional comfort for patients. Our range of Cystometry catheters cover applications for Bladder Fill, pressure, filling/voiding cystometry studies and measuring both Vesical and Urethral pressure.

Product Features

  • Higher filling rates 
  • Single, double and triple lumen options available 
  • Sterile and single use

The information provided on this website is intended for general informational purposes regarding our range of medical devices that Creo Medical offer. The availability of our products may vary depending on the regulatory requirements and approval processes in different countries or territories.

Bladder Pressure Catheters (single lumen)

Our Cystometry Catheter is the perfect choice for pressure-flow studies that demand minimal obstruction of the urethra during voiding, offering seamless connectivity to the Vesical pressure transducer with its optimal length. 

Product CodeMaterialDiameterHole to tip distanceQuantity
00288114 Pebax 1.5mm/4.5Fr 5/15 mm 10Add to enquiry
95001002 PVC 1.5mm/4.5Fr 10/20 mm 25 Add to enquiry
0028802050% Pebax, 50% rilsan 3.3mm/10Fr 10/20/30 mm 10Add to enquiry

Bladder Fill Catheters (Single Lumen)

Specifically designed for cystometry and pressure-flow studies. The bent tip of the catheter allows for easy insertion into the bladder and facilitates smooth separation. Additionally, it enables higher filling rates (>100ml/min) compared to double-lumen catheters, ensuring efficient and effective diagnostic procedures. 

Product CodeMaterialDiameterLumenQuantity
00288010 Pebax 3.3mm/10Fr Single 10Add to enquiry
95001001 PVC 3.3mm/10Fr Single 10Add to enquiry
95001003 PVC 2mm/6Fr Single 10Add to enquiry

Cystometry Catheters (Double Lumen)

Our Double Lumen Catheters are the optimal choice for filling/voiding cystometry studies, offering ease of introduction and exceptional patient comfort. These catheters enable filling rates of up to 100ml/min, ensuring efficient and accurate diagnostic procedures while prioritizing patient satisfaction 

Product CodeMaterialDiameterHole to tip distanceQuantity
00288226 Pebax 2mm/6Fr A= 5mm B= 15mm 10Add to enquiry
00288228 Pebax 2.7mm/8Fr A= 5mm B= 15mm 10Add to enquiry
95013008 PVC 2.7mm/8Fr A= 15mm B= 25mm 10Add to enquiry

Urethrocystometry Catheters (Triple Lumen) 

Our versatile catheter serves the dual purpose of bladder filling and measuring both Vesical and Urethral pressure. With the capability of achieving filling rates up to 100ml/min, it ensures efficient and comprehensive assessments during diagnostic procedures. 

Product CodeMaterialDiameterHole to tip distanceQuantity
00288539 Pebax 3mm/9FrA= 15mm B= 5mm C= 75mm10Add to enquiry
00288639 Polyure-thane 3mm/9Fr A= 70mm B= 20mm C= 75mm 10Add to enquiry

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