CapsoCam PlusEndoscopic Video Capsule

CapsoCam Plus is used to detect abnormalities of the small intestine and offers complete examination thanks to a 15-hour battery life and integral reconstruction of over 360° visualisation.

Product Features

  • MORE mucosal area visualized = MORE lesions detected.
  • Integral reconstruction of the hail wall over 360°. Complete examination thanks to a 15-hour battery life.
  • Respect for the environment: the capsule does not pollute the sewer network.
Indications for use

Detection of abnormalities of the small intestine

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Three easy steps for the patient:

  • The patient ingests the CapsoCam Plus® capsule under the supervision of his doctor.
  • The patient recovers easily, and uses the capsule CapsoRetrieve® kit sends the capsule back to his healthcare practitioner
  • The Healthcare practitioner downloads and reads the images, to enable an analysis of the data and the editing of a report to be carried out using the CapsoView® software.

CapsoCam Plus Capsule

Product CodeDescriptionAutonomy (Hour)Resolution (Pixels)No. Images/second <2 hoursNo. Images/second >2 hoursQuantity
SV-3-CVR1 CapsoCam Plus® capsule + CapsoRetrieve Recovery Kit15221 88420 (4x5)12 (4x3)1Add to enquiry

Features & Benefits

  • Four cameras acquire photographs of the entire hail wall, which are then reconstructed into a 360° panoramic image. The acquisition of MORE mucosal surface, thus makes it possible to detect MORE lesions.
  • Self-regulating 16 LED lighting for optimal illumination to provide clear and sharp images.
  • Automatic elimination of redundant images when the capsule is not moving, to reduce reading time.
  • Best autonomy on the market, thus improving the rate of complete examinations, even in patients with reduced motility.
  • Embedded design that eliminates all contraindications related to radiofrequency signals: pacemaker, insulin pump, etc.
  • CapsoView® software (MAC and PC compatible) with many easy-to-use features: blood detection, reference archives, image drawing, zoom, different views and reading speeds, etc.
  • Economical: no investment, no maintenance cost, no software update costs.
  • Freedom for the patient and the practitioner: on-board storage system that completely eliminates the need for external receiving equipment (box, belt, electrodes).
  • Simple and quick administration: once the capsule has been ingested, the patient returns to his or her occupations (saving time and practicality).
  • More flexible examination programming: no additional equipment management (box, belt, electrodes).
  • Reduction of time spent in consultation for the doctor and in preparation for the nursing staff.

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