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Anything is Possible with the Right Approach

Creo Medical aim to transform lives through the development and delivery of minimally invasive devices, bringing advanced energy to the emerging field of therapeutic endoscopy. Creo Medical’s pioneering products are used worldwide, providing:

  • Patients with improved treatment options, focused on enhancing quality of life
  • Physicians with access to advanced technology and techniques
  • Hospitals with optimised patient pathways and efficiency

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Speedboat Devices Brochure

Our family of Speedboat Devices harness the power of our unique Advanced Energy to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients. Read more in our brochure.


Endotherapy Products Brochure

Explore our range of solutions for clinicians and hospitals targeting critical procedures in the field of gastroenterology for therapeutic endoscopy. Read more in our brochure.


NHS Case Study for Speedboat

Financial modelling shows efficiency benefits through reduced length of stay and improved theatre efficiencies for 130 SSD procedures, equating to a saving of £5.3k per patient.


“To be able to sit the device on the muscle bed, and safely and securely coagulate vessels and tissue without causing injury or tissue damage was the wow factor as to why I want to use this product”

Dr. Eduardo Albeniz
Endoscopy Unit at Complejo Hospitalario de Navarra

“Even though I have been using monopolar energy for many years I am still worried about getting close to the muscle bed for obvious reasons, but with this device I no longer have that concern. The safety profile and localised delivery gives me the confidence to get closer to the muscle bed for a deeper dissection”

Dr. Regi George
Royal Oldham Hospital

“Initial impressions of the Speedboat Inject device are that it is an innovative product that will make procedures easier, provide shorter procedure times and be safer for patients”

Prof. Pradermchai Kongkam
King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital

“With the efficiency savings being shown, if other organisations were able to take the same approach it would certainly manifest in additional savings”

Adam Reynolds, East Kent Hospitals
Healthcare Costing Professional

“The ease of use and intuitive nature of the Speedboat platform make all approaches to endoscopic submucosal dissection much more accessible to the entire field of surgical endoscopy. ”

Dr Blair Jobe
Director of the Esophageal and Lung Institute, Allegheny Health Network, USA

Case Studies

Dr Salmaan Jawaid MD,

Therapeutic Endoscopist - Baylor College of Medicine / St Lukes Medical Center Assistant Professor of Medicine, USA

Case Study: Speedboat Submucosal Dissection (SSD) using Advanced Energy for a LST-mixed lesion in the rectum extending to the dentate line

Dr Zaheer Nabi,

Consultant GastroenterologistAsian Institute of Gastroenterology, Hyderabad, India

Case Study: POEM with Septotomy in a Case with Large Epiphrenic Diverticulum Using A Novel Bipolar Speedboat Device

Dr Sergio Coda,

Consultant Specialist GI Endoscopist - Director of Bowel Cancer Screening Programme at BHR University Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

Case Study: Speedboat Submucosal Dissection (SSD) of a Large G-Type LST of Lower Rectum Involving the Anal Canal

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Clinical Publications

Visit our clinical publications library to discover more clinical data covering Speedboat Submucosal Dissection and POEM procedures carried out with our Speedboat devices. 

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