Case Study

Speedboat Submucosal Dissection (SSD) of a Large G-Type LST of Lower Rectum Involving the Anal Canal

A 63-year-old female patient with history of hypothyroidism referred for rectal bleeding, weight loss and a positive FIT test (65 µg/g). In colonoscopy an 80 mm G-type LST with 2 dominant nodules was found in lower rectum and partly involving the dentate line/anal canal.

Polyp characteristics:

  • Morphology (Paris classification/G/NG): G-type LST
  • SMSA score: 14
  • Pit Pattern/Vascular Pattern (NICE-Sano)/JNET: mostly Kudo IIIL but possibly Kudo V on nodules. NBI NICE type 2, Sano IIA, JNET 2B
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Dr Sergio Coda

Dr Sergio Coda,
Consultant Specialist GI Endoscopist

Director of Bowel Cancer Screening Programme at BHR University Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

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